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Cacao powder is an excellent source of antioxidants as it contains an abundance of Calcium,Zinc,Iron,Magnesium,Copper,Iron and Potassium.The Cacao Bean (from which powder and nibs derive) contains over 300 nutritional compounds including essential minerals and mood enhancing chemicals.

Cacao powder isn’t naturally high in caffeine, but it does contain Theobromine, which offers similar effects of caffeine (without the headaches). Try making your own ‘hot chocolate’ or even your own ‘chocolate milkshake’ – Nibs are ideal to use in a dessert or even in your own trail mix (just add berries and Chi Seeds

Our Cacao powder comes from Ecuador, which has been farming Cacao since the 18th Century and is widely considered to be the epicentre of the Cacao industry.

country of origin – Ecuador

Typical nutritional values per 100g

Energy 1263kj / 330 kcal

Fat 5.9g (saturates 0.9g)

Carbohydrate 25.1g (of which sugars <0.2g)

Fibre 32.6g

Protein 21.0g

Salt Nil

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