Organic Pea Protein



Product Description

Pea Protein is an excellent great source of protein (circa 80%) and contains eight of the essential amino acids which the human body cannot synthesize so must be acquired through diet. Pea Protein is also It’s low in carbs and fat.

The Pea Protein powder we supply is made from yellow split peas and is the ideal supplement for vegetarians, vegans, athletes or those on a weight-loss diet.

There are a number of reasons why Pea Protein is so popular within the smoothie / vegan / protein community

1)  It is Hypoallergenic

2) It is high in BCAAs

3) It is easily digested

4) It is 100% Vegan

5) It is Lactose Free

6) It is rich in protein

7) It mixes easily in water

8) It helps you stay full
(Studies have shown that drinking pea protein activates the release of hormones in your body that keep you feeling full between meals)

It has a distinctly ‘sweet’ taste and can used in a variety of ways.

country of origin – China

Typical nutritional values per 100g

Energy 1610kj / 380 kcal

Fat 5.4g (saturates 1.1g)

Carbohydrate 4.8g (of which sugars = trace)

Fibre trace

Protein 78g

Salt 3.0g


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